Grade 2, Flush Contact, Single Reed, St/Steel Plate, 6-Core, 1KR/1KR, 1 metre, Steel Door Contact

Grade: 2
Model: PDA901KR
  • Suitable for steel frame installations
  • Stainless Steel plate
  • EN 5131-2-6 Compliant to Grade 2
  • Includes 1KR resistor for alarm and 1KR resistor for EOL
  • Fits into prepared recess
  • 1 metre
  • Stainless Steel Fascia: 58mm x 32mm
  • Body: 25mm
    • CAUTION: please refer to technical drawing for exact sizes and tolerance allowance
  • Operating Gap 25-30mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Note this contact already meets the requirements of EN50131-2-6: 2004

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