4 Screw Single Reed Flush Contact +Tamper +1k/1k Resistors

Grade: 2
Model: A451K1K

A 4 screw flush contact designed to meet the requirements of Security Grade 2.

A microswitch provides detection of removal from the fitting recess.

This variant of the A451K1K is supplied with prefitted 1k/1k resistors suitable for most Honeywell/Ademco/Microtech security panels. Use of these resistors is optional.

Along with fitting screws, A451K1K is also supplied with a contact sheath – useful for installations where the fitting recesses have drilled a little wider than 20mm or are otherwise awkward.

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Environmental Class

II – Indoor Controlled


4 screw



Make Distance


EOL Resistors


Alarm Resistors


Barrel Dimensions

CONTACT: 19mm diameter, 16.5mm deep (21mm diameter, 22.5mm deep with sheath)

MAGNET: 20mm diameter, 13mm deep

Plate Dimensions

CONTACT: 22mm x 27mm x 2.5mm MAGNET: 22mm x 27mm x 2.2mm

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