FLAME RETARDANT Grade 3 Flush Contact For Steel Doors (1k/1k Resistors)

Grade: 3
Model: AR041K-FR

AR041K-FR is a Fire Resistant, push fit, single reed flush contact.

  • Material: LG Chemical AF-312 ABS, Flame Retardant, High Impact, High Flow
    • Flammability: UL94
  • Fire tested, approved and certificated to BS EN 1634-1:2014
    • Exova WF Report Number 399244
  • Test furnace temperature reached 1064° C, at end of test duration of 136 minutes


This contact is designed in such a way that magnetic interference from surrounding metals is reduced, allowing it to be used in steel framed doors.

The barrel of this contact holds 4 sloped crush ribs – allowing it to easily slide into a 20mm diameter recess, locking at the contact plate.

6 core wiring allows this contact to be used with both, either or none of the included resistors. The 1k resistors provided are suitable for use with a variety of Honeywell, Microtech & Ademco panels, as well as any others that use the 1k/1k configuration.

Magnetic Interference Detection allows it to meet the standards required for Security Grade 3.

Environmental Class

III – Outdoor sheltered

Fly Lead

1m – 6 core


Wire loop

Make Distance


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