Man Down and Personal Attack Wireless Transmitter

Grade: N/A
Model: MD10


  • The MD10 is a Man Down and Personal Attack wireless transmitter for use in a variety of security, guarding and lone worker applications.
  • It utilises the acclaimed Inovonics Echostream wireless technology to provide a reliable, fully supervised, scalable wireless connection. Each device is uniquely identifiable by the wireless system.
  • The Man Down function has a number of user selectable features. These include:
    • selecting the detect time (the time before the unit considers there is a Man Down problem)
    • and the pre-alarm warning time (the time the unit indicates to the user that an alarm signal transmission is imminent). This warning time is indicated by vibration, and optionally by an audible tone
  • The MD10 is powered from a standard lithium cell which may be replaced as necessary. The battery along with the communications, are fully supervised, and low battery signals will be logged at the wireless receiver.


  • Automatic Personal Man Down and PA transmitter
  • Double Push PA feature
  • Audible & Vibrating Indication of Pre-alarm condition
  • 60° operation from vertical
  • User selectable Alarm detect time
  • User selectable Pre Alarm indication time
  • User selectable audible mode
  • LED indication of wireless transmissions
  • User replaceable long life Lithium battery
  • Wireless transmission of low battery condition
  • Separate Alarm and Restore transmissions
  • Fully supervised wireless system
  • Each unit transmits a uniquely identifiable code
  • Internal antenna
  • Reliable, long range wireless transmissions
  • Compatible with Inovonics Echostream products
  • Stylish and robust housing with optional belt clip


  • Power Supply: Lithium Battery CR2 (or equivalent)
  • Typical Battery Life:                     2-4 years
  • Operating frequency : 868MHz multi frequency
  • Dimensions: 76 x 41 x 25mm
  • Weight: 64g
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 60C
  • Product Code : MD10

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