Grade 3 contact, small, surface with selectable resistors for all main panels, suitable for double doors, white

Grade: 3
Model: XEND24V2

Identical in operation to the XEND24, the XEND24V2 offers a smaller, reconfigured PCB that allows more room inside the contact for routing cable.

  • Grade 3 Contact, small, surface with Selectable Resistors with Magnetic Interference detection
  • Double door contact
  • Replaces XEND24
  • This is compatible with all mainstream UK control panels and includes both EOL and Alarm by-pass resistor options
  • Colour: White (for brown add suffix B to code)
  • Environmental Class 2
  • Operation Gap: 5mm approx make, 12mm approx break
  • Dimensions: 67mm x 14mm x 17mm
  • Terminals: 4-Terminal Block
  • Tamper: TACT Microswitch
  • Includes Resistors compatible with: Honeywell, Ademco, Orisec, Scantronic,
    Menvier, Texecom, Pyronix, Castle, HKC, Aritech, DSC, RISCO (Gardtec), Guardall
    and Inner Range Control Panels
  • Alarm Values: no res, 1k, 4k7, 5k6, 6k8, 8k2
  • EOL Values: no res, 1kr, 2k2, 4k7, 5k6, 8k2
  • Also includes option for traditional 4 wire non-resistored configuration
  • Suitable for double doors / wired in series / shared zone
  • Note this contact already meets the requirements of EN50131-2-6: 2008
  • Same footprint as discontinued XEND21/XEND24 for ease of retro-fitting / upgrades
  • Grade 3 door contact
  • Grade 3 contact

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