Grade 3 Contact, Biased Mini Surface Aluminium Single Reed 6-Core 1KR/1KR, 1 metre

Grade: 3
Model: XE90A1KR
  • EN50131-2-6 Compliant to Grade 3
  • Includes 1KR resistor for alarm and 1KR resistor for EOL
  • 1M potted cable
  • Suitable for use with Ademco, Galaxy & Honeywell panels
  • Biased to detect interference from an outside magnet
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 14mm x 9.7mm
  • Operating Gap: 5-10mm
  • IP67
  • Materials: Aluminium
  • Grade 3 door contact
  • Grade 3 contact

This product IS NOT suitable for installation on steel doors or any other kind of ferromagnetic material. Interference from these materials will cause unpredictable contact behaviour. As an absolute last resort, surrounding the parts with an insulating material may provide correct operation but this is not guaranteed.

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