Grade 3, 8 Core Single Reed Sealed ETP Angle Contact, Armoured Fly: 500mm

Grade: 3
Model: XB015E

The xB015E is a lightweight yet robust EN50131 Grade 3 angle contact with sealed internals. EOL resistors for all the main intruder alarm panels are available via the 50cm length of standard 8 core fly lead. To improve security and durability, the fly lead is also enclosed in a stainless steel sleeve. The sleeve is terminated with a grommet for easy attachment to other equipment.

The housings for this product are moulded from a specialised nylon ETP – resulting in a product that is corrosion proof, light in weight and with exceptional impact resistance.

Fixings are not provided with this product.



III – Outdoor sheltered


Wire loop


0.5m – 4 core, Armoured

Make Distance



75mm x 27mm x 25mm

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