Grade 2, Euroflex, ‘Slimline’ 12mm high, anti-corrosion, Aluminium Roller Shutter Contact, 2 metres of 4 core

Grade: 2
Model: RSC2-2M

Surface mounted roller shutter switches are pre-cabled with a nylon anti crush sheath. They are housed in rugged aluminium castings and when bolted to the floor, vehicles may drive over them.  As there is no sealant underneath, the castings are suitable for corrosive environments.

These switches are are used to monitor the opening and closing of roller shutter doors in buildings or vehicles.

They are also used in many other applications involving position, movement, data logging and limit switching.

  • Grade 2
  • From the Euroflex range
  • Slimline roller shutter contact sitting only 12mm off the ground
  • Suitable for corrosive environments
  • 2 metres of 4 core intruder cable
  • Reed switch housing can be driven over by forklifts etc without affecting operation
  • Material:
    • Die-cast aluminium
  • Dimensions:
    • Reed switch housing
      • 135mm x 42mm x 12mm
    • Magnet housing
      • 55mm x 35mm
  • Max Current:
    • 500 mA
  • Max Power:
    • 10 Watts
  • Max Voltage:
    • 50 Volts

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