FLAME RETARDANT, NORMALLY OPEN Grade 2 Flush Contact For Steel Doors

Grade: 2
Model: AR03NO-FR

AR03 is a push fit, single reed flush contact.

This contact is designed in such a way that magnetic interference from surrounding metals is reduced, allowing it to be used in steel framed doors.

However, this contact also functions perfectly well in timber frames and doors.

The barrel of this contact holds 4 sloped crush ribs – allowing it to easily slide into a 20mm diameter recess, locking at the contact plate.

The normally open reed means it is suitable for Access Control systems (reed open / circuit broken when magnet is in / door closed).

  • Material: LG Chemical AF-312 ABS, Flame Retardant, High Impact, High Flow
    • Flammability: UL94


Environmental Class

III – Outdoor sheltered

Fly Lead

50cm – 4 wire


Wire loop

Make Distance


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