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Material - ABS/Acetal

Colour - White/Black

Finish - Plastic,Stainless Steel or Brass

Indidividually tested

Silent Action

Keys inside product

Metal Keys as standard with all versionsexcept KP7/KP8

Flag indication

Spare Keys also available

Unique selectable resistor module in KP10 range compatible with all main UK control panels.


* A true Grade 3 shock + surface / tilt sensor

* rear tamper

* meets PD6662:2010, EN50131-2-8: 2012

*SEISMO Advance meets the brand new EN50131-2-8: 2016 standard!!

* senses any movement on the vertical plane

* selectable resistors

*many other features including auto-calibration

Knight Plastics
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Panic Buttons

Knight Fire & Security Products Ltd boast one of the most popular and varied ranges of panic buttons currently available on the market.

The options stretch from Single Push, End Push, Centre Push, Double Push, going all the way through to a 4 buttoned confirmed activation.

Ten varieties of Grade 3 Panic Buttons are available including a Selectable Resistor version and White or Stainless steel.

We can also supply normally-open or normally-closed and latching or non-latching models.

Our KP9 is interchangeable from Latching to Non-Latching as a breakable clip inside can
be cut off to render the PA non-latching, saving you from having to hold 2 different versions in stock.


New PA2 and PA4 Ranges
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