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Outer Sheath PVC

Conductors: Cadmium Copper Tinsel insulated PVC to a minimum radial thickness of 12mm

Connector 6BA Open Connector

**Available from 17 June 2013**


* The UK's ONLY true Grade 3 shock + surface / tilt sensor

* rear tamper

* meets PD6662:2010 and TS50131-2-8

* senses any movement on the vertical plane

* selectable resistors

*many other features including auto-calibration

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Door Loops

Knight Fire & Security Products Ltd are able to supply you with a selection of high quality door loops.

These are supplied either with or without 2 x 6-Way junction boxes, in a choice of brown or white.

The cables have staggered connectors and are crimped on the ends.


Model No
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L20 6-Way Straight Door Loop 12
L20A 6-Way Straight Cord Door Loop, no JB, 12
L20B 6-Way Straight Door Loop 12
L20BA 6 way 12
L310 Armoured Door Loop With 2 off 10 Way Class 3 Junction Boxes 3
L40 6-Way 10
L40A 6-Way 10
L40B 6-Way 10
L40BA 6-Way 10
L60 6-Way 20
L60A 6-Way 20
L60B 6-Way 20
L60BA 6-Way 20
L70 6 way Armoured sleeved door loop with 2 off 6+2 Way JBs 18
L90 Armoured Door Loop With 2 off 8 Way Conduit Junction Boxes 3